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We're professional manufacturer of high quality drying machine and food processing machine

 HeXie machinery Equipment Company is a integration of high-tec research, production, sales and service with total investment of 5 hundred million located in High-tec development zone in Zhengzhou city. We mainly supply a whole production chain of closely related machines, including, cleaning machine, stripping machine, drying machine and packing machine ,with the objective of fully service customer, save time and energy for customer and supply high quality products with competitive price.

Our company enacts our vision and values, and we naturally apply them in everything we do - including above all else our products and service as well as the way we work with our staff, clients, suppliers etc.

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  • Packing Machine

    Our company has a sophisticated and comprehensive professional and technical personnel in the small food processing equipment

  • Food Processing Machinery

    Multifunctional pasta machine is a very popular food processing machine, used flour(rice flour, starch coarse cereals, etc)as the raw material, can made various food through the different mould, such us Crisp shell, crispy rice,etc.

  • stripping machine

    Application scope: Fruit and vegetable processing plant, frozen food factory, leisure food factory, Western-style food shop, beverage shop equipment, restaurant, Coffee shop and others.


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